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No tractor to Tatipokhari

September 18, 2010

Working in the midst of all sorts of obstacles. We have to wait for the monsoon to end in order to get a tractor to deliver the bricks and the language barrier is getting thinner as I learn more, but it makes each conversation much longer. I have an ‘intern’, who goes by the name of Will, working with me and we are working to minimize costs. I hoped to post some pictures that I’ve taken, but the computer is not recognizing my memory card.
Will and I dug the septic tank. It is about 2 meters cubed. We broke through many layers of rock with a pick axe and we’re ready to start laying bricks… but we have to wait until the rain stops to get a tractor-load of bricks to the project site.
The only cost so far is one shovel, as we’ve been able to borrow the various other tools necessary. I hope to soon post the construction costs and pictures of the work-in-progress.